Left in Colorado worried about education reform they can’t control

By | April 11th, 2013

Defenders of the status quo, as well as self-styled progressives, appear to be worried about education reform in Colorado that they can’t control.

Teachers union official: Charter schools in Colorado “a segregation tool”

By | March 28th, 2013

Tony Salazar, executive director of the Colorado Education Association – the union that represents 38,000 teachers and others in the state – told WhoSaidYouSaid.com that charter schools in Colorado have been used as ”a segregation tool for affluent white children.” Salazar’s barbed comment reflects the left’s intent to discredit school choice as discriminatory, when the real [...]

Free association: non-union teacher options amid long-term trends

By | January 30th, 2013

Last week the U.S. Department of Labor released new numbers showing that nationally union membership is on the decline. And not only in the private sector, which has been on a decades-long downward trajectory. Three years ago the nation crossed a historic threshold, as union members in private industry were outnumbered by their public sector [...]

The Colorado Education Association may face a local control crossroads

By | December 18th, 2012

The Colorado Constitution grants local school boards control of instruction of the public schools of their respective districts. But the clause often grows larger than life, with advocates either clinging to or resisting the argument based on the bill before them.

How to improve Colo. teacher union dues opt out? Make it opt in.

By | November 28th, 2012

It’s funny how so many of those Colorado teachers union deadlines fall at inconvenient times. Want to sign up for one of the Colorado Education Association’s local affiliates? You can do it any time. Want to opt out of union membership, perhaps to choose a different membership option? Well, finding the exact dates you can opt out depends on which school district you work in.

Heath’s tax increase: spurred on by Colorado teachers union

By | August 19th, 2011

Political spending by the teachers unions in Colorado is funded by dues; which comes from paychecks provided by taxpayers; who are then asked to pay even more in taxes by state Sen. Rollie Heath and his union backers. Get the picture?