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Prop. 103 robo-dial in Colo. doesn’t mention tax hike

By | September 28th, 2011

We got several tips from WhoSaidYouSaid readers about a recent robo-dial promoting Proposition 103, which would raise taxes an estimated $2.9 billion over five years, purportedly for education. Luckily, one of our tipsters had caller ID, so we called the number back and recorded the call. Here’s what the pro-Prop. 103 people are saying:

“Hi, I was calling on behalf of the education initiative, Proposition 103, that is on the ballot this November 1st. Prop. 103 offers a five-year timeout from school cuts and allows Coloradans to strengthen our economy by reinvesting in our schools and workforce.”

Now I’m sure that the proponents of the initiative don’t want to highlight that it’s a massive tax increase, but to LEAVE IT OUT ALL TOGETHER seems disingenuous at best. If you agree, join me in e-mailing state Sen. Rollie Heath, D-Boulder, at and telling him the Prop 103 advertising needs to be more honest.

h/t Betsy McCain and others for the phone number: 303-578-3373.

[Updated 10/5/11]

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