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Rep. Coffman’s Colo. district in play? A lefty dream…

By | December 6th, 2011

The Colorado Supreme Court decided to accept the Congressional redistricting maps proposed by Democrats. The map shores up the 4th Congressional District (currently held by Republican Cory Gardner) and makes the 6th District held by Republican Congressman Mike Coffman more competitive. But if you look at the behavior of MoveOn.org and ProgressNow protestors who showed up at Coffman’s town hall meetings over the last few months, it makes you think that Coffman’s been in the left’s cross-hairs all along. During one memorable town hall meeting, progressives showed up with talking points to ask Coffman scripted questions. One CU emeritus professor lost his temper and actually turned his chair around in the midst of the meeting. One woman asked a clearly scripted question while another videotaped:

“Your website states that: ‘Jobs and economic growth are my number one priorities.’ I believe you have introduced only one bill related to jobs and it’s specific to the National Guard . . .”

It’s looking more likely that Joe Miklosi will be Coffman’s opponent as Andrew Romanoff announced today he will not be seeking the Democratic nod. Miklosi, a state Representative who serves on the House Judiciary Committee, will have a tough climb even in a more competitively drawn 6th. Despite his laudable charity work, Miklosi will have to overcome the distinct disadvantage of running against a tough incumbent. Even in the parts of the district that will be new in the next election, Coffman has name-ID advantage as he has been elected to statewide office three times (twice for Treasurer and once for Secretary of State). In addition, Coffman is known around the state as one of the hardest-working guys in politics. Even the left-leaning blog ColoradoPols wrote that: “…Mike Coffman, who although much more vulnerable in the new CD-6 has proven himself to be a formidable fundraiser and campaigner.” Coffman’s October fundraiser in Colorado with House Speaker John Boehner helped raise $844,000 for the National Republican Congressional Committee, The Denver Post reported.

It is rare to be at events without seeing Coffman’s head poke up every few minutes as he forgoes his meal to shake every hand in the room. We’ll see if Miklosi can keep up with Coffman.

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