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Summers: You can help create a better voting system just by showing up

By | January 23rd, 2011

On election day I showed my electric bill in order to vote, but was then denied a library card with the same bill. Then we interviewed now Secretary of State Scott Gessler about the issue.

Now the idea to tighten the identification requirements is a bill. Sponsored by Colorado state Rep. Ken Summers, R-Lakewood, HB 11-1003 would eliminate the provision that allowed me to vote with a piece of paper.

“My contention is that, you know, we need a system that puts forth the highest degree of integrity possible,” said Summers. “And that in our current society that it’s not just a matter of verifying where a person lives, but who they are in terms of making sure that our voter system has the integrity that it needs.”

“One of the things that would be helpful, for anybody who would be willing, is to come and to testify in support of this bill. We have not had a lot of people, as far as even just citizens, who would come and say, ‘This is a good idea. We feel this is important for…the integrity of our election process.’”

We’ll keep following this and let you know when it’s scheduled for hearing. Hopefully we can convince some citizens to come testify in favor of increasing voter integrity.

[updated 1/25/11]

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