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Western Conservative Summit: bright lights on the right

By | July 30th, 2011

The Western Conservative Summit in Denver is the smartest place to be this weekend. Check out the live stream below and Saturday’s full schedule, including tonight’s planned address by Mark Steyn, whose recent National Review column observed…

“America has had two roles in a so-called ‘globalized’ world: America’s government was the guarantor of global order; America’s economy was the engine of global prosperity. Right now, both roles are up for grabs.”

Media reports from the summit Friday night focused on the divide between former Sen. Rick Santorum, a GOP presidential candidate, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry [see video at top] on the role of state’s rights in addressing social issues.

What unites conservatives (or should) is…

“Doing the right thing by choice, and then owning the consequences of your choice — that’s personal responsibility. There’s no other antidote to the debt candy and the entitlement addiction gripping Democrats and Republicans alike.”

That’s from John Andrews, director of the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University and author of the new book, Responsibility Reborn.

CCU President Bill Armstrong and Andrews are co-chairmen of the summit, now in its second year.

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