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What is WhoSaidYouSaid? It’s simple, really…

By | June 19th, 2010

Democratic politicians, left-leaning activists and policymakers of all stripes will reveal their views, IF you listen closely. That’s WhoSaidYouSaid: documenting and publishing what they say (and having some fun along the way).

Our commentators will tell you what THEY think, but you can see and hear for yourself: nearly 100 WhoSaidYouSaid videos are on YouTube, with more than 200 blog posts on this website.

Kelly Maher, a co-founder of WhoSaidYouSaid, explained more on Jon Caldara’s “Devil’s Advocate” TV show. [Um, that's NOT Kelly pictured above, but click the video and the view will soon brighten.]

Kelly mentioned revelatory remarks made by Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper that “tens and tens of billions of dollars” are needed to combat climate change; and by U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., who compared Tea Party activists to those “trafficking in a kind of nihilistic vision” of the U.S.

Who said? They said. On WhoSaidYouSaid.

[Post updated 6/21/10]

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